Prestivet Movie

25 years of experience

We have been developing and producing the highest quality, completely natural animal nutritional supplements for 25 years. They offer an effective and safe alternative to antibiotics and other synthetic substances. which is a benefit for animals, people and also for the environment.



We have our own laboratory where our experts work on the formulas for all Prestivet products — always addressing the specific needs of our clients. This philosophy helps us succeed on many global markets.


custom-made formulas

We cooperate with animal breeders and the best veterinary surgeons while creating our formulas. As a result. Prestivet products are perfectly tailored to specific animals and their particular health needs. This means that vets and breeders can use targeted. and consequently. more effective and safer therapies for animals.


the best ingredients

Prestivet products are developed with the most demanding recipients in mind. That is why our number one priority is using the highest quality of raw materials. We always use ingredients with optimum quantities of active substances — with therapeutic values confirmed by research.