Complementary feed


electrolytes for ruminants


GLUCOLIT-LAMB is a mixture of minerals, chelates and amino acids which is a source of electrolytes for ruminants. It maintains the water-electrolyte balance at the appropriate level, regulates... more »

Complementary feed


Colostrums and probiotics


PROBI-LAMB-Booster is a carefully composed vitamin and amino acid supplement feed for sheep immediately after birth, weakened or after antibiotic therapy. Probi-Lamb contains probiotics... more »

Complementary feed


Without cough

PULMOL-LAMB-Booster is a herbal formulation for coughing animals with recurring problems of the respiratory system. Ingredients of Pulmol-Lamb-Booster has an antitussive, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect. The... more »