Complementary feed


acids and oregano


ZIOLOCID is an innovative combination of properties of acids contained in the formulation and the oregano extract. Lowering pH of the content of the digestive tract supported by oregano properties stimulates development of natural intestinal micro flora, simultaneously improving digestibility and utilization of nutrients contained in fodder. Administration of ZIOLOCID directly impacts improvement of the growth rate and has beneficial effect on the digestive tract of animals.


- change of feed

- decreased appetite and rate of growth

- indigestion of different etiology

- occurrence of the “wet bedding” effect

- during antibiotic treatment to regenerate the intestinal villi

instructions for proper use

Preventively: 500-1,000 ml/ 1,000 L of drinking water, 8-12 h a day, for 5 days

After antibiotic treatment or in case of interventional administration: 1,500 ml/ 1,000 L of drinking water, 8-12 h a day, for 2-3 days



a mixture of preservatives (eg organic and inorganic acids), a mixture of flavouring compounds (e.g. extracts, oils and / or herbs extracts), copper, potassium, sodium.