Complementary feed


Healthy respiratory system


Pulmomax is a complementary feed designed to support the poultry respiratory system

and reducing the symptoms of many of its diseases. The product is especially recommended in the post-vaccination period. Administered by fogging, it significantly reduces the risk of infection, especially when there is a large number of animals (overcrowding) in the house. The product also stimulates the appetite and improves digestion. It is also very helpful in the case of IB, IBD and influenza.


- reducing the risk of infection

- during and after respiratory infections

- unfavorable environmental conditions (high temperature, dust, harmful gases such as ammonia or hydrogen sulfide)

instructions for proper use

Broiler: 100 ml / 1000 l drinking water, poultry: 100-200 ml / 1000 l drinking water.

Fogging: 100-200 ml / 10 l of lukewarm water, twice a week.

Shake before use. Before use, mix 100 ml of the mixture thoroughly with 1 liter of water.



A mixture of flavoring substances (e.g. extracts, oils and / or vegetable extracts), propylene glycol, glycerol.