Dietetic complementary feed


respiratory support

PULMO-P is a specialized, carefully composed complementary feed for poultry. It enriches the diet of birds with ingredients necessary for the proper development and activity of the respiratory and immune systems. The components of the mixture have antibacterial activity, improve the condition of mucous membranes and regulate many metabolic processes. The use of PULMO-P can significantly reduce the number of infections and shortens the time of returning the birds to full health.


  • adverse environmental conditions (stress, high temperature, overcharging, dust, harmful gases such as ammonia or hydrogen sulfide)
  • during and after respiratory infections
  • upper airway pollution

instructions for proper use

  • to drink: 250 ml / 1000 L of drinking water for 3 days
  • for spraying: 300 ml / 10 L lukewarm water


Please, get a look at the label.


mixture of flavouring compounds (e.g. plant extracts and/or oils), vitamin A, propylene glycol, glycerol