Propionix 75

Mineral complementary feed

Propionix 75


PROPIONIX 75 is a precisely balanced mineral feed with strong fungicidal properties, thanks to specially selected substances. The propionic acid salts contained in the preparation not only improve the taste and palatability of the feed, and at the same time its digestibility and absorption, but are also suitable for feed mixtures thanks to their fungicidal properties. In this way, they block the growth of mold and the formation of mycotoxins in the feed. The preparation also has the properties of strongly absorbing pollutants and neutralizing toxins, which is especially useful in the preparation of feed.


  • reduction of nutrient losses,
  • preventive protection against the formation of mycotoxins in feed,
  • in silos and feed mills,
  • counteracting diarrhea caused by a large number of microorganisms,
  • reduced feed intake per kilogram of growth,
  • improved palatability of feed

instructions for proper use

1-2 kg / 1000 kg of feed


Please, get a look at the label.


sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium propionate, colloidal silica