Complementary feed


regeneration and protection of the liver

PROLIVER is a modern formulation protecting and regenerating the liver. Its concentrated formula supports functioning of the parenchymal organs. It increases blood circulation through the liver and kidneys stimulating metabolic and detoxification processes of the body. It has a cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect, limits negative consequences of viral and bacterial infections and toxins produced by them. Ingredients of PROLIVER improve feed digestion, absorption and use, regulate numerous metabolic processes, strengthen the immune system, participate in cell division processes as well as production of red blood cells.


  • disorders of liver and gallbladder proper functioning
  • inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the liver or kidneys
  • mycotoxicosis, feed and drug poisoning
  • disturbances of fat metabolism in the body
  • high doses of fat in feed
  • supporting liver functions in case of high productivity

instructions for proper use

250-500 ml / 1000 L of drinking water, in half of the water drunk daily, for 3-5 days


Please, get a look at the label.


betaine, choline•Cl, carnitine, lysine, panthenol, mixture of flavouring compounds (e.g. plant extracts and/or oils), sorbitol, propylene glycol