Complementary feed


It inhibits diarrhea, eliminates toxins


Nondiar is a modern preparation with a rapid therapeutic effect used in the case of problems with wet litter. The concentrated herb extracts contained in it with astringent form on the surface of the intestinal wall a layer of denatured protein, which stops the water and electrolyte from exuding into its light. It limits the absorption of free non-protein toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, while protein toxins, mainly bacterial, bind in insoluble conglomerates removed by the intestinal route.


- in case of physiological diarrhea (eg change of feed, stress)

- in the case of indigestion

- lack of efficacy of antibiotics in anti-diarrheal therapy

- in case of inability to use or contraindication to use antibiotics

instructions for proper use

500 ml / 1000 l of drinking water, half a day of drinking water for 3-5 days.

In the case of strong diarrhea on the first day of administration, the dose can be doubled.


Grace period: none.



A mixture of flavoring substances (e.g. extracts, oils and / or vegetable extracts), propylene glycol, glycerol.