Mykostop Pro

Stop of the mykotoxins

Mykostop Pro

MYKOSTOP PRO is a complementary feed optimizing the feed composition with substances, highly absorbent of and grouping the mycotoxins (DON, ZON, ALFATOKSIN, OCHRATOKSIN) contained in feed contaminated with mould. Detoxifies feed, cleans the blood and digestive system of the animals.


- presence of mould and/or mycotoxins in feed

- better quality of the feed and better absorption;

- reduction of the level of ammonia in the air and the environment

– improves the phytosanitary conditions;

- improved health status of the herd (draft)

instructions for proper use

Prevention: 1-2 kg per 1 ton of feed.

Intervention: 2-4 kg per 1 ton of feed in case of occurrence of mycotoxins.



yeast metabolites (MOS 16200mg); copper sulphate•5H2O; charcoal; acetic acid; glycerides of butiric acid; calcium chloride; magnesium chloride; clinoptylolite