K3 12.5% ​​PLUS

Complementary feed

K3 12.5% ​​PLUS

stop bleeding

K3 12.5% ​​PLUS is a supplementary feed for poultry, whose task is to stop bleeds of various origins. Vitamin K prevents internal bleeding and bleeding and ensures proper blood clotting. Takes part in processes preventing blood loss during damage to blood vessels and tissues.


  • bleeding or haemorrhage caused by Gumboro disease, coccidia, parasites, pricking of beaks, under stress, after vaccination, after the change of feed and housing conditions, after poisoning with sulfur and its compounds
  • prevention of blood stains in eggs
  • reduction in mortality of embryos and chicks

instructions for proper use

50 g / 1000 L of drinking water for 3-5 days

(in serious cases the dose can be doubled)


Please, get a look at the label.


sodium, dextrose, vitamin K3