Complementary feed



CLOSTRIPRES is herbal complex limiting the quantity of anaerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria along which includes mixture of medium-chain fatty acids, organic and inorganic acids that strongly reduce the pH of the digestive system. The preparation reduces intestinal inflammation, has a positive effect on the appetite and digestive processes due to the high concentration of ingredients in the mixture. It promotes the natural bacterial flora, thanks to which it increases the intestinal immunity and reduces the chances of recurrence of anaerobic bacteria infections.


  • limiting the development of pathogenic anaerobic and relatively anaerobic bacteria (e.g. Clostridium, Escherichia coli)
  • indigestion of various origins
  • the occurrence of the "wet litter" effect
  • disturbance of the natural intestinal microflora
  • during the period of reduced immunity

instructions for proper use

500ml/1000L drinking water, 10 - 12 hours a day, for 4 - 6 days.


Please, get a look at the label.


organic acids and inorganic acids, mono-, di-, triglycerides of medium-chain fatty acids, mixture of flavoring compounds, glycerin