Complementary feed


reduces heat stress

C VIT + is a formulation restoring body homeostasis. It participates in oxidation and reduction processes, prevents blood vessel fragility, stimulates the immune system and reduces the risk of secondary complications. In stressful situations, thanks to the content of electrolytes and dextrose it prevents dehydration and body weakening and restores appetite. A high content of vitamin C combined with a complex of essential oils and citric acid maintains homeostasis of the body impaired by high temperatures or adverse environmental conditions. Thanks to the content of willow extract and salicylans, it protects cells from oxidative stress and reduces inflammation. It is an indispensable addition to water in hot weather, reducing heat stress and minimizing falls. The use of C VIT + supports fitness, proper productivity and daily growth of animals under conditions of any type of stress.


  • decrease in fitness and activity under conditions of heat or environmental stress
  • loss of appetite and growth caused by heat or environmental stress
  • fragility of blood vessels
  • supportively during heat and environmental stress
  • deficiency of electrolytes contained in the formulation
  • decline in egg production caused by heat or environmental stress
  • preventing overheating of the body during hot weather, in case of insufficient capacity of the ventilation system or during transport to the slaughterhouse

instructions for proper use

250 g / 1000 L of drinking water, constant administration, for 3-5 days


Please, get a look at the label.


vitamin C, citric acid, dextrose, sodium, potassium