Complementary feed


Biocidal acting and immune enhancement


ALLISTIM is a natural formulation containing complex of plant extracts with scientifically documented strong limiting bacterial infection, development of internal parasites and fungi as well as increasing immunity of the herd properties. ALLISTIM reduces a number of falls and occurrence of diarrhea, it significantly improves appetite and feed intake; it also influences growth increase. Properly balanced and synergistically working organic acids contained in the formulation together with a herbal complex positively impact functioning of the intestinal villi and promote development of natural microflora, consequently supporting maintenance of homeostasis in the gastrointestinal tract. Application of the formulation supports antibiotic treatments in particular in case of digestive and respiratory tracts diseases.


- reduced immunity

- supportively during and after antibiotic treatment

- supporting the body in case of: bacterial and viral infections, development of internal parasites and infections of the respiratory and digestive system

- disorders of the natural bacterial flora

- abnormal feed absorption and reduced growth

- various types of indigestion and occurrence of the “wet bedding” effect

instructions for proper use


500 ml/ 1000 L of drinking water, in half of the water drunk daily, for 3 - 7 days


800-1000 ml/ 1000 L of drinking water, in half of the water drunk daily, for 3 - 7 days



a mixture of flavouring compounds (e.g. extracts, oils and / or herbs extracts), a mixture of preservatives (e.g., organic and inorganic acids), propylene glycol, glycerin.