Dietetic complementary feed




AD3EK is a complex of fat soluble vitamins that effectively supplements the animal's demand for these vitamins. Its function is to regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism and have a beneficial effect on the... more »

Complementary feed


heart and circulatory system

ALLICARD is a mixture that effectively supports the condition of the heart and circulatory system in fast growing animals such as chicken and turkey broilers. The preparation, which contains herbs,... more »

Complementary feed


Garlic and oregano for immunity


ALLISTIM is a preparation that contains plant extracts with biocidal properties. Prophylactic use of the preparation allows you to increase immunity, reduce bacterial, fungal infections and... more »

Complementary feed


appetite, immunity

The product simultaneously protects and promotes positive flora in the gastrointestinal tract, which is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system. The oregano extract... more »

Complementary feed

Amino Grow

well balanced amino acids

AMINO GROW is a specialized compound feed supplement developed for poultry to increase production efficiency. It is a concentrated mixture of exo and endogenous amino... more »


Victory over coccidiosis


AVIPRES is a high quality product used prophylactically in cases of suspected coccidiosis and moderate coccidiosis infections. It also strengthens the treatment of coccidiosis in the herd during... more »

Complementary feed


Complex of B vitamins

B-COMPLEX is a preparation with a concentrated formula containing a complex of B vitamins, which support the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and stimulate the appetite and metabolism. In its... more »

Complementary feed


Biotin for skin, joints and feathers

BIOTIN is a preparation rich in high-quality vitamin H and zinc, thanks to which it can maintain the proper condition of the skin, hooves and feathers of animals. The biotin contained in... more »

Complementary feed


Reduces heat stress


C VIT + is a preparation that not only can maintains the homeostasis of the body, prevents fragility of blood vessels, but also actively participates in the processes of oxidation, reduction and in the... more »

Heat stress prevention

C-VIT Plus

Complementary feed for poultry, it’s a preparation restoring homeostasis of the body. It participates in oxidation and reduction processes, prevents the fragility of blood vessels, stimulates the immune and... more »


Resistance with vitamin C


CERUPRES is a preparation rich in vitamin C, bioflavonoids, zinc and salicylates, thanks to which it is the only such extensive preparation on the market. Its effective operation contributes to... more »


Vitamin D3 with chelates


CHELAVIT D3 is a preparation with a high concentration of easily digestible vitamin D3 with copper, zinc and manganese chelates and a high content of phosphorus. Its main task is to assist... more »


Fights anaerobic bacteria


CLOSTRIPRES is herbal complex limiting the quantity of anaerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria along which includes mixture of medium-chain fatty acids, organic and inorganic acids that... more »


End of problems with colibacillosis


COLIPRES consisting of essential oils, herbal extracts, mono-, di-, and triglycerides of fatty acids as well as organic and non-organic acids is an effective solution of colibacillosis.... more »

Dietetic complementary feed

D3 VIT Max

vitamin D3 and minerals

D3 VIT MAX is a effectively balanced preparation supplementing animal diet, containing D3 vitamin and micro and macro elements: calcium, phosphorus,... more »



Strengthening the skin, legs, feathers

DERMOPES is a preparation with a high content of minerals and vitamins that have a positive effect on maintaining the proper tone of the skin and minimizing skin... more »


Detox by nature


DETOXAR + is an original composition of active herbal ingredients, created especially for the needs of premix, concentrates and complete feeds. The rich composition of the preparation determines its... more »

Complementary feed


Healthy kidneys

DIUREX is a preparation with a concentrated formula, rich in witamins that strengthen the body, which has a positive and significant effect on the urinary system and kidneys. Due to the... more »



Increasing water drinking


DRINPES is a preparation that effectively neutralizes the unpleasant taste of drugs administered to the water during an infection,... more »



Fertility & immunity

EGG PLUS is a product that strengthens the muscular, nervous and blood vessels systems. It stimulates and supports the body's calcium and phosphorus... more »


Correct homeostasis


ELECTRIMAX is a preparation that effectively restores the body's homeostasis. It effectively prevents dehydration of the body, its weakening and restores the appetite thanks to the high content of... more »

Complementary feed


Good start

EN-FLORAX is a preparation with a modern formula combining a mixture of probiotic bacteria strains: Lacobacillus caseri, Lactobacillus plantarum, Pediococcus acidilactici and Enterococcus faecium and a mixture of prebiotic... more »


Energetic enhancement


ENERGYLIX is a preparation that quickly and effectively provides energy for the body and strengthens it, especially during and after diseases and diarrhea. Along with the combination with vitamin C... more »

Dietetic complementary feed


Fight the fungi


FUNGIVET is a high quality mixture of herbs, iodine and vitamin A, which helps fights fungi and supports the... more »

Complementary feed


No ulcers

GASTRIX is an effective preparation that, when used prophylactically and during therapy, supports the body in inflammation of the intestines and stomach ulcers. The preparation contains mono-, di- and triglycerides of butyric... more »

Complementary feed


Growth & digestion


HERBIMAX is a composition of many active herbs, which is a natural alternative to antibiotic growth stimulants. Its main function is to stimulate the digestive system to secrete enzymes and... more »

Complementary feed


dehydration and loss of fitness

IZOTONIC is an effective combination of several electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium, betaine, which restore body homeostasis disturbed by adverse environmental factors.... more »

Complementary feed

K3 12.5% ​​PLUS

Stop bleeding


K3 12.5% PLUS is a preparation with the function of stopping common bleeding in various situations. Vitamin K3 can be effective in preventing internal bleeding and ensures proper blood flow through the... more »

Complementary feed for poultry



LYSOMAX PRO is a modern preparation of natural origin supporting the immune system in birds. It is very effective in helping to control the amount of harmful pathogens such as Escherichia coli or... more »



Natural support for productivity


MEGAPREST is a concentrate of yeast extract, amino acids and herbal oils that stimulate and improve the functioning of the digestive system, increase... more »

Complementary feed


Bone & eggshell


MINERALIX is a preparation that supplements the diet of animals with easily digestible micro and macroelements such as calcium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, zinc and copper. Thanks to these... more »

Dietetic complementary feed


Mycotoxins binder

MYKOSTOP is a complementary feed that optimizes the composition of the feed in mycotoxicans (DON, ZON, ALPHATOXIN, OCHRATOXIN) with highly absorbing properties. The product has fodder cleansing properties,... more »


Mykostop Pro

stop of the mykotoxins

MYKOSTOP PRO is a complementary feed optimizing the feed composition with substances, highly absorbent of and grouping the mycotoxins (DON, ZON, ALFATOKSIN, OCHRATOKSIN) contained in... more »

Complementary feed


healthy kidneys

NEFROTON is a preparation designed in order to maintains urinary system homeostasis. The contained ingredients affect proper functioning of the internal organs, especially kidneys and urinary... more »

Complementary feed


Composition for calm


NERVILL is a preparation consisting of synergistic herbs with a calming effect on animals, which is perfect for stressful situations. The composition includes B vitamins, magnesium and herbal extracts... more »

Complementary feed


Stop the mite invasion

NON MITE is a specialized product used in all poultry production groups to reduce and effectively eliminate ectoparasites, in particular Dermanyssus gallinae. By using this preparation, we reduce problems... more »

Complementary feed


inhibits diarrhea & eliminates toxins

NONDIAR is a modern preparation with a rapid therapeutic effect used in the case of problems with wet litter. The concentrated herb extracts contained in it with... more »

Complementary feed


increases digestibility & improves growth

OREGOVIT is a highly concentrated formulation improving appetite – a natural growth stimulator for all group of poultry. Its modern formula combines the... more »



Natural support for proper absorption

PREBIOPES is a preparation with prebiotic properties, stimulating the development of normal bacterial flora in the digestive tract and regenerating the intestinal villi... more »


Effective end of fattening


PREFINISH is a comprehensive preparation that effectively increases the final body weight of animals in the last days of fattening. The preparation increases digestibility and feed utilization... more »


Better body gain, fast growth


PREGROW is a preparation with the properties of using the maximum potential of the growth of the body of animals during the fattening period and the ability to stimulate the processes of... more »


Effective start


PRESTART properly shapes and supports the proper development of the digestive tract in young animals thanks to the high content of medium-chain fatty acids, electrolytes, vitamins and herbs. The organism's... more »


Power of vitamins and minerals


PRESTI-VIT is a preparation rich in a large amount of vitamins and amino acids that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, it is enriched with yeast extract and... more »


Natural growth stimulator


PRESTIM is a preparation of active herbal ingredients specially prepared for the needs of premix production plants, concentrates and complete feed. Its main function is to stimulate the glands to... more »

Complementary feed


Liver protection


PROLIVER is a modern preparation with protective and regenerating properties for the liver. Its composition and concentrated formula have a positive effect on the work of parenchymal organs, blood flow... more »

Mineral complementary feed

Propionix 75

Secure & block

PROPIONIX 75 is a precisely balanced mineral feed with strong fungicidal properties, thanks to specially selected substances. The propionic acid salts contained in the preparation not only improve the taste and... more »

Dietetic complementary feed


respiratory support

PULMO-P is a specialized, carefully composed complementary feed for poultry. It enriches the diet of birds with ingredients necessary for the proper development and activity of the... more »

Complementary feed


Healthy breath

PULMOMAX is a preparation that not only supports the upper and lower respiratory tract, but also stimulates the appetite and improves digestion. The product is especially useful after the vaccination period,... more »

Dietetic complementary feed


Healthy breathing


PULMOSILVER contains herbs and vitamins, thanks to which it can significantly increases the immunity of animals and strengthens the upper respiratory tract. It improves the condition of the bronchi as... more »

Dietetic complementary feed

Pulmosilver Cool

Cold breath

PULMOSILVER COOL is a herbal and vitamin preparation that supports the work of the upper respiratory tract during high temperatures or unfavorable environmental conditions. The herbal metabolites... more »

Complementary feed

Salimix L

Joints & bleeding

SALIMIX L is a specially prepared herbal complex whose ingredients have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. High-quality extracts of white willow, sage and licorice contain... more »


Limit harmful microbes

SANITTER is a preparation that significantly improves sanitary, hygienic and environmental conditions in livestock buildings, especially in poultry houses. The preparation contains a... more »

Dietetic complementary feed


Support reproduction

SELMAX is a preparation supplementing the diet of animals with vitamin E and selenium, which support the proper functioning of muscle tissue, nervous tissue and blood vessels. It... more »

Complementary feed


lowers pH & aids digestion

SUPRACID is a carefully selected composition of organic and non-organic acids, significantly lowering pH of the digestive tract, which impacts reduction of a number of... more »

Complementary feed


natural immune

VETIMMUNOL is a special preparation, stimulating functioning of the immune system. Extracts and herbal oils contained in the preparation have a strong immunostimulating effect, thanks to that... more »

Complementary feed for poultry


Natural health

VIRMAX PRO is a preparation that stimulates and supports the immune, starting from the digestive system and ending with the immune system. It supports digestion and absorption of nutrients,... more »

Complementary feed


acids & oregano

ZIOLOCID is an innovative combination of properties of acids contained in the formulation and the oregano extract. Lowering pH of the content of the digestive tract supported by oregano... more »