Complementary feed


Complex of B vitamins

B-COMPLEX is a preparation with a concentrated formula containing a complex of B vitamins, which support the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and stimulate the appetite and metabolism. In its... more »


Detox by nature


DETOXAR + is an original composition of active herbal ingredients, created especially for the needs of premix, concentrates and complete feeds. The rich composition of the preparation determines its... more »

Complementary feed


Healthy kidneys

DIUREX is a preparation with a concentrated formula, rich in witamins that strengthen the body, which has a positive and significant effect on the urinary system and kidneys. Due to the... more »

Dietetic complementary feed


Mycotoxins binder

MYKOSTOP is a complementary feed that optimizes the composition of the feed in mycotoxicans (DON, ZON, ALPHATOXIN, OCHRATOXIN) with highly absorbing properties. The product has fodder cleansing properties,... more »

Complementary feed


healthy kidneys

NEFROTON is a preparation designed in order to maintains urinary system homeostasis. The contained ingredients affect proper functioning of the internal organs, especially kidneys and urinary... more »