Complementary feed



C-VIT + is a preparation that not only can maintains the homeostasis of the body, prevents fragility of blood vessels, but also actively participates in the processes of oxidation, reduction and in the stimulation of the immune system. It contains electrolytes and dextrose that prevent dehydration of the body and restore the appetite. Vitamin C in combination with essential oils and citric acid maintains the body's normal homeostasis in high temperature situations, and the addition of plant salicylates protects cells against oxidative stress. C-VIT + preparation is irreplaceable in high heat and in conditions of any type of stress.


  • on heat stress,
  • in stressful situations,
  • fragility of blood vessels,
  • insufficient efficiency of the ventilation system,
  • deficiency of electrolytes contained in the preparation,
  • high temperatures and the resulting symptoms,
  • inhibition of appetite and growth,
  • decline in condition,
  • decrease in egg production

instructions for proper use

200 - 250 g / 1000 L of drinking water, constant administration, for 3-5 days


Please, get a look at the label.


vitamin C, mixture of flavoring compounds (e.g. willow extract, mint extract), copper, sodium, potassium, organic acids, glycine, dextrose, colloidal silica