Complementary feed


The power of vitamins


Vita-P is a vitamin product developed for the pigs, supplying vitamins from the group B, which support the development of young animals, while in the elderly improve general well-being and prevent the formation of diseases and vitamin deficiencies. In addition, thanks to the content of immunoglobulin-rich colostrum, the immune system is supported, thanks to which the body reacts better to pathogens. The product is well water soluble.


- after antibiotic therapy

- in states of weakness

- to improve the condition of animals

- in the case of reduced immunity

instructions for proper use

30 g / head / day for the first 2 weeks of life.

Older animals 60 g / head / day.



Vitamins: B1, B2, niacinamide, panthenol, B6, B12, colostrum, glucose.