Dietetic complementary feed



MYKOSTOP is a complementary feed that optimizes the composition of the feed in mycotoxicans (DON, ZON, ALPHATOXIN, OCHRATOXIN) with highly absorbing properties. The product has fodder cleansing properties, cleansing the blood and digestive system of animals. The feed is disinfected, and the work of the intestines and intestinal villi is improved with the help of natural oregano oil contained in the feed, and it contains a lot of calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium aluminosilicates with beneficial properties for the body.


  • in case of risk or presence of mycotoxins or mold in feed,
  • to improve the quality of feed and its absorption,
  • improve phytosanitary conditions,
  • improve animal health,
  • reduce the level of ammonium in the air and the environment

instructions for proper use

Prophylactically: 1-2 kg per 1 ton of feed.

Interventionally: 2-4 kg per 1 ton of feed in case of occurrence of mycotoxins.


Please, get a look at the label.


natural oregano oil, sodium, potassium, a mixture of aluminosilicates and zeolites, bentonite