Complementary feed


appetite, immunity

The product simultaneously protects and promotes positive flora in the gastrointestinal tract, which is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system. The oregano extract... more »

Complementary feed


Reduces heat stress


C VIT + is a preparation that not only can maintains the homeostasis of the body, prevents fragility of blood vessels, but also actively participates in the processes of oxidation, reduction and in the... more »

Complementary feed

K3 12.5% ​​PLUS

Stop bleeding


K3 12.5% PLUS is a preparation with the function of stopping common bleeding in various situations. Vitamin K3 can be effective in preventing internal bleeding and ensures proper blood flow through the... more »

Dietetic complementary feed


Mycotoxins binder

MYKOSTOP is a complementary feed that optimizes the composition of the feed in mycotoxicans (DON, ZON, ALPHATOXIN, OCHRATOXIN) with highly absorbing properties. The product has fodder cleansing properties,... more »