Complementary feed



PULMOL-G is a preparation of plant origin, which was created for the recurrent respiratory problems in cows, calves and other ruminants. The ingredients of product not only have antitussive and anti-inflammatory properties, but also relieve colds and help the body fight respiratory infections. High-quality ingredients bring relief during illness and infection. PULMOL-G facilitates the secretion and expectoration of mucus, which significantly increases the well-being of the animal.


  • in recurring problems with breathing and respiratory tract
  • during a colds and inflammations to strengthen the body
  • in order to facilitate the expectoration of mucus

instructions for proper use

Adult cows (> 500 kg): 25 - 45 ml / day / until symptoms disappear.
Calves (< 250 kg): 10 - 20 ml / day / until symptoms disappear.
Administer the product directly or mixed with feed, water.


Please, get a look at the label.


Mixture of flavouring compounds (e.g. thyme extract, echinacea extract, linseed extract), malic acid, sucrose, sorbitol, silica.