Complementary feed



GASTROL - G is a specially selected herbal complex that effectively works against flatulence, especially frothy bloat. The preparation not only stimulates and has a positive effect on digestive functions, but also has anti-fermentative, anti-bloating, anti-spasmodicand anti-ulcer effects. Its prophylactic use prevents rumen and intestinal atony, and supports the body in increasing the secretion of bile and digestive juice. High-quality ingredients stimulate the work of the intestines and improve rumen motility, which contributes to the animal's comfort.


  • in case of excessive fermentation combined with severe frothing of the ruminal contents (frothy bloat)
  • in case of acidification of the ruminal contents
  • in case of decreased rumen motility
  • in case of increased amount of foaming mucopoalysacharides of microbial origin
  • in case of increased rumen fluid viscosity

instructions for proper use

Calves: 30 - 50 ml / day, if needed, repeat after 24 hours.


Please, get a look at the label.


Mixture of flavouring compounds (e.g. chamomile extract, sage extract, peppermint oil), dextrose, magnesium oxide, pectins, silica.