Complementary feed



NON MITE is a specialized product used in all poultry production groups to reduce and effectively eliminate ectoparasites, in particular Dermanyssus gallinae. By using this preparation, we reduce problems and losses in breeding, such as anemia, weight loss and anxiety, which may be the direct cause of chicken mite infection. The composition of the product includes specialized essential oils, herbal extracts and active substances with multidirectional mechanisms of action, while phytoactive ingredients effectively repel parasites, which limits their population. The preparation can be used both for drinking and spraying, thanks to which there is a wide range of its application. It is possible to significantly reduce the population of ectoparasites in livestock buildings and eliminate economic losses with the prophylactic use of this product.


  • suspected or presence of ectoparasites or anemia
  • emaciation
  • nervousness
  • diseases caused by the presence of ectoparasites
  • prophylactically and against pathogens

instructions for proper use

50-100 ml / 1000 l for 5-7 days; shake before use.

In spraying: 150-250 ml / 10 l of water, fog every 3 days for 2 weeks, repeat after 10 days.


Please, get a look at the label.


propylene glycol, glycerin, mixture of flavoring compounds (e.g. nettle, carvacrol)