Complementary feed


acids and oregano


ZiƂocid is an innovative combination of properties of organic and inorganic acids contained in the preparation and extract of oregano. Lowering the pH of the gastrointestinal tract, supported by the properties of oregano, stimulates the development of the natural intestinal microflora while improving the digestibility and use of nutrients contained in the feed. The use of the preparation has a direct impact on the improvement of the rate of growth and the beneficial condition of the digestive tract of the pig.


- change of feed

- decrease in appetite and growth rate

- dyspepsia of various etiologies

- the occurrence of a wet litter effect

- during antibiotic therapy for the regeneration of intestinal villi

instructions for proper use

Prophylactically: 500-1000 ml / 1000 l of drinking water, 8-12 h per day, for 5 days

After antibiotic therapy or in case of emergency administration: 1500 ml / 1000 l of drinking water, 8-12 hours per day, for 2-3 days



A mixture of preservatives (eg organic and inorganic acids), a mixture of flavors (extracts, oils and / or vegetable extracts), copper, potassium, sodium.