Complementary feed


Active carbon

Diarstop-G is a universal, specialized product that prevents diarrhea in pigs. Developed on the basis of activated carbon, it effectively absorbs mycotoxins contained in fodder, heavy metals and all contaminants that affect the decline of animal form and weight loss. It also contains plant extracts rich in active substances with styptic effect on the walls of the digestive tract, which positively translates into elimination of diarrhea. Essential oils contained in Diarstop-G show bacteriostatic, bactericidal and inhibit fungi and mold growth.


- diarrhea

- after antibiotic therapy

- intestinal inflammation

- increasing the body s resistance to bacterial infections

instructions for proper use

Piglets, weaners: 5-20 ml / day, repeat if necessary after 12 hours.



a mixture of flavoring substances, soybean oil, potassium iodide, manganese sulfate, copper sulphate, zinc chelate, activated carbon, clinoptilolite.