Complementary feed


Active carbon

Diarstop-G is a universal, specialized product that prevents diarrhea in pigs. Developed on the basis of activated carbon, it effectively absorbs mycotoxins contained in fodder, heavy metals and all contaminants that... more »

Complementary feed


Natural Biostimulator

Herbimax is a synergistic composition of active herbal ingredients that is a natural alternative to ASW (antibiotic growth stimulants). The main directions of action of the preparation are stimulation of secretion... more »

Dietetic complementary feed


Stop diarrhea


Nondiar-S is a preparation supplementing the deficiency of pig feed. In addition, active ingredients have anti-diarrheal activity, support the development of a positive bacterial microflora in the... more »

Complementary feed


It lowers pH, supports digestion

Supracid is a carefully selected composition of organic and inorganic acids that strongly reduces the pH of the gastrointestinal tract, which significantly reduces the amount of pathogenic... more »

Complementary feed


acids and oregano


ZiƂocid is an innovative combination of properties of organic and inorganic acids contained in the preparation and extract of oregano. Lowering the pH of the gastrointestinal tract, supported by the... more »