Complementary feed



HERBIMAX is a composition of many active herbs, which is a natural alternative to antibiotic growth stimulants. Its main function is to stimulate the digestive system to secrete... more »

Complementary feed


inhibits diarrhea & eliminates toxins

NONDIAR is a modern preparation with a rapid therapeutic effect used in the case of problems with wet litter. The concentrated herb extracts contained in it with... more »

Complementary feed


lowers pH & aids digestion

SUPRACID is a carefully selected composition of organic and non-organic acids, significantly lowering pH of the digestive tract, which impacts reduction of a number of... more »

Complementary feed


acids & oregano

ZIOLOCID is an innovative combination of properties of acids contained in the formulation and the oregano extract. Lowering pH of the content of the digestive tract supported by oregano... more »